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STAR BTC 222.136.000 – EN


Dust and jet-proof luminaries are functional and economical. They are easy to be mounted with clips as single luminary or as a system. Performed with LED or with luminescent lamps.



Dust and jet-proof luminaires are designed to be mounted in wet, damped and dusty premises.


Description of the diffuser:

– prismatic diffuser from PMMA or PC

– PMMA: J 0.22 Nm

– PC: i 6 Nm


Description of the body:

The body is from metal steel sheets, polyester powdered in white colour


Electric specification:

– electromagnetic ballast – 230V/50Hz, cosφ > 0.81

– electronic ballast – 230V/50Hz, cosφ = 0.98

– LED tube


BTC 222.118.000 1×18
BTC 222.136.000 1×36
BTC 222.158.000 1×58
BTC 222.1XX.006 LED tube
BTC 222.1XX.012 LED tube
BTC 222.1XX.015 LED tube

EULUM DAT BTC 222.158.000


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