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DANDY BTC 523.139.000 LED


Luminaire for a building into a plasterboard, with double parabolic louver.

Designed for general lighting of administrative and commercial buildings, offices, etc.


Description of the optical system:

Mirror reflecting double parabolic louver:

– the longitudinal lamellae and the cross blade are from mirror or matt aluminium sheet (99,85% Al).

The hanging pieces of the louver are with metal springs.


Description of the body:

– made of metal steel sheets, polyester powdered in white colour.


Electric specification:

– Performed with Philips electronic ballast DALI,

– Fluorescent lamp 39 W/840

– LED 23 W / 3480 Lm

BTC 523.139.000 1×39
BTC 523.123.000 LED 1×23




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